Core Beliefs and Commitments


Outreach United is a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to help bring a better and more positive awareness and understanding to the Houston GLBT community.  Outreach United’s efforts have been able to help fund Montrose Center’s SPRY program, Legacy Health Services, Lesbian Health Initiative and PFLAG’s Out for Education Scholarship Fund. Outreach United also has provided funding to create PRIDE Houston’s Coming-Out Guide, start a PRIDE Houston Scholarship Fund and help start Houston’s first GLBT Homeless Youth Outreach Initiative through the Montrose Center.


  • Focus on the whole person (7 Dimensions of wellness: Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, Environmental, Social, Emotional, Occupational)

  • Connect Global, National, State, and Local Issues

  • Support any/all organizations that will benefit from out vision

  • Provide differentiated avenues for involvement and contributions

  • Promotion of our 'allies'